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Purent USA

Quick Summary

Purent is an easy to manage small service business you can operate from home or an existing business. Purent dealers rent carpet cleaning machines and sell cleaning solutions to customers by delivering directly to homes or businesses. Millions of Americans currently rent carpet cleaning machines - take advantage of this growing industry today!

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$1,995
Total Investment$1,995
# of Existing Units8
Franchising Since2015
Training & SupportYes
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Purent USA

What is purent?
Purent is an easy to manage small service business you can operate from home or an existing business.  Purent dealers rent carpet cleaning machines and sell cleaning solutions to customers by delivering directly to homes or businesses.  The rental of carpet cleaning machines is a time tested system we have been involved with for over 40 years.  Purent dealers purchase carpet cleaning machines, cleaning solutions, rental and sales aids directly from Kent Investment Corp. at factory direct wholesale pricing.

The purent system gives people who want to start their own business the products and system to do so.  The purent system has low product cost and overhead making it realistic for people to start.

Purent dealers build a group of customers, and these customers are their territory.  Starting a customer base with family, friends, neighbors and local acquaintances.  Then increasing their customer base by networking through these contacts.

It’s a feel good business.  Customers appreciate the purent system for its good products and service.  Renting and selling purent products is an easy no pressure process.

Purent can be what you make it, operated part time, or expanded into a full time occupation.  You can put as much or little time working in your dealership as you wish.

Purent is not a direct or multi-level marketing system.  The purent system provides good products and services and competitive pricing that consumers have used for over 20 years.

Why does purent have so much potential?
Millions of households maintain clean carpets by renting carpet cleaning machines and purchasing cleaning solutions through grocery and hardware stores.  Consumers spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually on these products.  Even more money is spent with professional carpet cleaning services each year.  The carpet cleaning market has great potential.  These hundreds of millions can be shared among stores, professional carpet cleaners and purent dealers.

Purent dealers can gain business through market expansion.  Example: In the past companies like Wal-Mart, Target, etc. obtained most of their sales from brick and mortar stores.  Then Amazon came along and expanded consumer buying options by using the internet.  How?  By providing better customer experience, offering customers more buying options, more products, and delivering products directly to the customer’s home, expanding the sales potential.  The purent system also offers consumers additional benefits and has great expansion potential.

Purent dealers offer delivery, professional equipment, detailed personal instruction, sanitized & serviced equipment, and customer satisfaction.

Once people in your personal network have tried the purent system and have a good experience, expand your network by asking them to refer you to family, friends and neighbors.  Referrals are a great way to grow your business.

Purent dealers clean and service the machines after each use.  This ensures that each renter has a sanitary, functional machine each time they rent.

A more convenient rental system with a CRI approval can lead to more frequently cleaned carpets helping to maintain the life and beauty of the carpet.  Customers get more enjoyment out of their carpet.  Increasing carpet life-cycle cuts down its premature removal to landfills.

The purent 7IN1 Spot & Odor remover earned the Seal of Approval for Superior Cleaning from the Carpet and Rug Institute.  Removes even the most difficult stains without any damage to carpet, passing stringent tests administered by an independent, accredited laboratory. Independent testing has shown vast differences in spot and soil removal capability of carpet cleaning products.  Some spot removers clean no better than water, and worse, can leave a sticky residue that attracts soil.

Who will use the purent system?
Millions of Americans that currently rent carpet cleaning machines.  They already like the concept of renting carpet cleaning machines.  These current renters will like the purent system advantages and are all potential customers.

Millions who do not rent now.  Research has shown that many are reluctant to rent machines in stores for various reasons.  Among those reasons are concerns of a dirty or unsanitary machine that may not work properly; going through the rental process; a fear of not knowing how to use the machine or cleaning products and looking foolish; loading the machine, taking it home, unloading the machine, and repeating the entire process when finished cleaning.  There is a need for an additional rental channel and system that addresses some of these concerns.  The purent system addresses concerns some may have about traditional rental systems.  New carpet cleaning renters will easily see the benefits and like the satisfaction of doing it themselves and saving money.  The purent system can expand the rental carpet cleaning market leaving room for both a traditional and purent rental systems.  It is a great way to earn part-time income, earn extra income, or start your own business.

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