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The Ozone Friendly Living System sanitizes and disinfects a room or building by killing dangerous bacteria and viruses. The Ozone Shock Treatment is totally green, chemical-free, and leaves no residue. 100 % financing available.

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Ozone Friendly Living
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Ozone Friendly Living - Franchise

A Green Alternative In Cleaning
Ozone, also known more specifically as electrified oxygen, is a wonderful and practical answer to our world's growing health and safety concerns.  It is also a “green” answer to the widespread use of chemicals in cleaning products and disinfectants.

Our System
The Ozone Friendly Living System sanitizes and disinfects a room or building by killing bacteria, viruses (MRSA, Strep, Listeria, Salmonella, E-Coli). Studies are being conducted on Ebola. The Ozone ShockTreatment is totally green, chemical-free, and leaves no residue.  Ozone shock treatment is completely harmless to interior furnishings, paintings, pictures, and furniture.  High concentrations of oxygen atoms have a unique ability to breakdown and destroy the outer cell wall of micro pathogens.  Ozone even kills the infamous Ebola Virus. High concentrations of oxygen atoms linked together via electric charge (ozone) also break down organic material to its basic form, which is why ozone is considered perhaps the most effective odor eliminator in the world.There is nothing safer and more effective for skunk odor.  When you look at all the fragrant products in the market today, please note that they are not breaking down the causation of odors.  They are masking them.   Most concerning is their ingredients.    We recommend those using air fresheners to research some of their ingredients. You will discover many include dangerous and harmful compounds, some even listed as carcinogenic.

Ozone Is A Proven Technology
It is widely used in industry.  Pig and chicken farms use ozone in the air exhaust to destroy those strong odors.  Municipal sewer treatment plants also use ozone in the exhaust stack to cancel odors and keep neighbors breathing easier.  You may not know that biotrauma companies use ozone as a regular part of their service to deal with some horrific smells.

Our Services
Ozone Friendly Living Ozone Shock Treatment (OFL) can completely eliminate odors. The treatment breaks down bio-materials that are the causation of odor.Although relatively new, ozone shock treatments have been around for years. However, shock treatments were only recently (in 2001) approved for use in the United States. Complete odor remediation has been observed using ozone applications in the following applications:

  • Smoking
  • Pet odors
  • Vomit
  • Insect odors from droppings
  • Micro-pathogens and their odors
  • Dust mites, etc.
  • Molds
  • Human odors from bodily fluids and long term human exposure

OFL only uses the highest quality equipment and procedures to insure safety and utilizing the most effective amount of activated oxygen.  Whether a car, home, room, restroom, mobile home, RV, boat, apartment, etc., Ozone Friendly Living Shock Treatments can quickly, safely, permanently remove serious odors. Not only odors, but these treatments are one of the most powerful disinfectants known to man. Ozone is not only used to sterilize surgical tools and equipment, it is also used to kill Ebola.

The average time needed to complete a treatment, ranges from 20 minutes to one hour. No liquids that take hours and days to dry or smelly and dangerous chemicals used. Only activated oxygen. Treated areas can be ventilated and ready for use in minutes after treatment, depending on ventilation. If there is no ventilation, it usually takes 40 minutes to revert back to normal air oxygen.

Our Ozone Shock Treatment Utilizes Innovative Technology

  • Boosts energy by reducing the effects of Jet Lag
  • Produces an allergy friendly environment
  • Eliminates odors from previous guests
  • Electrifies the air for that fresh after  the rain ambience

The Ozone Shock Treatment is totally green, chemical FREE, and leaves no residue.  An Ozone shock treatment is completely harmless to interior fixtures , paintings, pictures, and furniture

Least expensive ozone shock treatment generator in the world!  For shock treatments in areas up to 350 sq ft with 8 foot ceilings.  Just place a 20″ box fan behind the unit to create air flow in the room and you’re good to go!

100% financing available.

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