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Most Beautiful People

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As a franchisee of The Most Beautiful People Franchise you will be part of one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.

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Minimum Cash Required$10,000
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Most Beautiful People


Become part of a fast growing introduction business, providing an exceptional service for men who want a beautiful, younger, classy, up-market alternative to the usual match making services and finding nurses incredible opportunities in the medical field.

Most Beautiful People have been written up in Bloomberg Business Week and London's Sunday Times

The Most Beautiful People Franchise Opportunity:

The company already has 56 franchisees worldwide, many earning in excess of $250,000 per year.

As a franchise owner there are four different ways to earn a considerable income:

  • Introducing beautiful younger women to men

  • Introducing handsome younger men to men

  • Doing both of the above mentioned services through travel agents as well as directly, something no other introduction agency does

  • Placement of attractive nurses from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to countries all over the world especially USA, UK, CANADA and the Middle East

The Introduction Business:
Over the past number of years introduction agencies have become an established and accepted way for single men to meet women. Men are eager to meet a reasonably younger beautiful woman for a long term relationship, especially women that are devoted and nonfeminist.

It’s extremely difficult, if not impossible to find this in the USA or UK, so thousands of men use foreign agencies. The biggest problem with foreign women, especially from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Philippines, and from Central America, is that they have a very difficult time to get a visa to come to the USA or UK.

Women from the CZECH REPUBLIC and SLOVAKIA do not need a visa to come to the USA and UK, and this gives Most Beautiful People a very big competitive advantage over other foreign agencies. Men are eager to meet good women and potential life partners, as witnessed in the continuous incredible growth of the introduction business.

The Nurse Recruitment Business:
There is a tremendous shortage of qualified nurses all over the world. The US Government predicts by 2016 there will be one million more nursing positions than nurses. The scale of this shortage is also true for Canada, Western Europe and the Middle East.

Hospitals, Clinics, and Care Homes are paying anywhere from 15% to 20% fees of the first years salary to agencies to find qualified nurses. For example a RN in the USA gets about $48,000 per year, so the commission would be about $8400, and the franchisee gets 50% of this which equates to $4200 for each nurse.

The benefits of the Most Beautiful People Franchise:

  • This is UNIQUE opportunity

  • Make $250,000 annually on only a $10,000 investment

  • Work from home in your own time

  • NO COLD CALLING — Clients contact you

  • Leads are mostly FREE or at a nominal cost in your own area

  • Make $950+and up to $16,000 per sale for the introduction business and $4200 per nurse you get recruited

  • We will provide with your OWN WEBSITE at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU

  • Your own website - SEO work - AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU

  • This company has been in business for over 17 years

  • They are the ONLY company that offers genuine franchises and have 22 in the UK

  • They  recently got started in the USA and have already opened up 23 franchises

  • The business advertises in numerous credible publications for more than 16 years including U.S.A.  Today, New York Magazine, International Herald Tribune, Sunday times, Sunday Telegraph among many others

The Investment:
The territories are exclusive and going quickly. The Franchise can be paid for in two different ways:

  • Paying $18,000 upfront

  • Paying $10,000 down and paying the difference from your commissions

To find out more about the Most Beautiful People Franchise, the lucrative Introduction Business please complete the form.

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