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Medical Funding

Quick Summary

Our Medical Funding solution is perfect for creative and hardworking entrepreneurs who want to become financially independent who can quickly retire via a simple plan that requires minimal overhead and allows for flexible work schedules. Single-unit, multi-unit, area development and master license opportunities available throughout the U.S.

Quick Facts

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Medical Funding

Own Your Own Medical Funding Company!
Medical funding is a lucrative niche business that can transform your life.
Our Medical Funding solution is perfect for creative and hardworking entrepreneurs who want to become financially independent via a simple plan that requires minimal overhead and allows for flexible work schedules.
Earn potentially over 400K/year working part time managing your business!
You can run this business from anywhere and it does not require any large overhead; hence, high profit margins. At any time you want, you can become an independent operator and stop using our Medical Funding Hub and funding options provided to you. You will receive 90% of any funding deal payout that originates from your business and is funded via our Exclusive Medical Funding Market Investor Hub or our network of specialized medical funding.
Imagine the high income potential! You can run this business from your home!
We supply virtually any kind of medical funding, from workers compensation, no fault, and personal injury to private/commercial insurance, at any US location. We do all of the due diligence and handle the funding for your clients; hence, you don’t need to know anything about financing or funding. You are not limited to any territory within the US market, although we do offer exclusive territory options where certain performance restrictions apply.
There is a one-time licensing fee of $2950 and 20% royalty on any funding payout managed and closed by your Medical Funding Licensor. We also offer a 5% royalty for $5000. Owner can upgrade to a higher level at any time for an upgrade fee of $5000.
A. Optional for high Net-worth Entrepreneurs:  
If a prospective owner is also Interested in becoming an owner AND participating in ACTUAL buying/ investing in High Returns Medical A/R Directly managed by Licensor funding subsidiary - we would waive the Licensing Fee. A/R Investment would include your full licensing costs with full training. Minimum Investment: $100,000 for investing in carefully selected High Return Medical A/R – Great Investment Returns ( from over 40% IRR to 300% + IRR!)– Double investment from 18 to 24 months! - Managed by Licensor Subsidiary Direct Funding Unit – We provide full investment disclosers for qualified interested owners.)

B.  Optional Services for Very Busy/ Current Full Time Job Owners:

We have created special Optional only management services for busy prospective owners who maintain a full time job who like to quickly transition to the lucrative Medical Funding business (Including Billing, Collection, and Ancillary Profitable Services around our main funding services)

  1. Full Owner’s Company (Phone/Emails) Management With Full Rep Recruitment  - Let us promote and manage your Rep Team! Make great income and residual income while your Reps Team is selling your/ours essential Funding Services - $995 Per Month - Full Company Management.
  2. Full Site SEO Management - Let us Select and Fully Manage a low cost and effective SEO Vendor to manage your site Optimization for Google top Ranking - Get Constant Inquires from Medical Providers directly from Your Web Site! $595 Per Month - Full SEO Vendor Management - Including all costs, work, reports, etc..
Any licensing fee covers full Owner initial and ongoing training including Full Rep Training, Material, Lead Management System, Web Site Creation and Management, All Leads, All Business Docs, Full Owner Manual, and complete funding infrastructure for your medical funding company. Owners always have the option to become fully independent operators and use their own funding infrastructure at any point. This is such a lucrative business and many services companies would approach your business for additional profitable partnerships utilizing your clients while increasing your residual income.
Imagine the potential for unlimited income! Here is an example of revenue breakdown:
Owners can achieve with average marketing efforts eight to ten funding deals per month with average payouts being $50,000 across all types of medical funding deals (fully transparent verification process).
Your starting net commission is 80% of $60,000 or $48,000 per deal on average. Typically, your marketing cost with paying reps (20%-40%) leaves you with a net profit of $35,000 per closed lead!
Many ongoing deals can carry monthly residuals of $20,000-$30,000 per month!
This is a niche, lucrative business with a proven method of achieving success via funding of medical account receivables.
Limited time opportunity! We are only looking for a few selected, qualified owners at this time.
What do you get with the Medical Funding business opportunity?
  • Thorough and intensive one-on-one training including two days training and ongoing weekly sessions (three x one hour per day) as needed, including new sessions for new programs, offers, etc.
  • Full sales and marketing training manual with proven methods for success.
  • Complete documentation and contracts needed to run your business including clients' agreements, sales agents, optional funding agreements, etc.
  • Full funding infrastructure for any funding deal you may generate with full transparency including full disclosure of the actual funding agreement and your Funding Division (Licensor) payout. Also included is the free optional listing of your company’s generated funding requests in our hub. Now also including our new addition: Plaintiff Funding Marketplace and our upcoming Attorney Funding Marketplace. All new additional programs would always be included in owner's business.
  • Unlimited free leads for all potential clients (e.g. phone, address, etc.) and ongoing free leads as needed!
  • All customizable promotional materials for your business: mailers, flyers, business cards, etc.
  • Freedom to do any creative marketing methods as long as they are legal and ethical.
  • Full sales rep training of your company by your Licensor; weekly rep training and individual rep training per request.
  • Full funding close by your funding division (Licensor).
  • Full Funding Division business references and transaction closing history as required to supply your new company with credibility and ready infrastructure for lead closing success!
  • Full CMS (Customer/Lead Management System) integrated with your site including CRM with No Dialer required for your reps (No Software download!)
  • Flexible Monday to Friday schedule with the chance to work from home.
  • Fully Customized website (design and programming) and your own customized affiliate/referral program including banners, design and full customization.
  • Full ongoing assistance for online marketing promotion including Offline Rep Training.  In addition, we help owners with proven marketing methods, including tips and secrets to becoming a very successful owner.
  • Our upcoming first medical Funding Software fully integrated with your site – Coming soon!
About the Medical Funding business model
Our Medical Funding business is focused on the development and delivery of funding solutions for medical providers. The company aims to achieve a pre-eminent position in the medical provider funding channel based on providing non-bank access to interim funds for account receivables while the provider awaits for insurance or other forms of payments, using the concept of cultivating loyal, brand specific consumer segments within the targeted market.
Built on the unique principle of serving as the sole bid hub for all medical funding solutions for all medical providers, our concept is to innovate and change how the funding business is done by making it more efficient via the use of Internet technology and a true 'bid market' model providing the fastest funding possible with the highest A/R return for the medical provider with the least amount of information. Additionally, the company provides an evaluation and formatting of provider account receivables which allow any size or type of provider quick access to medical funding and financing.
Through our focus on internet technology to drive revenue while controlling costs, our proprietary methods provide the company with the ability to outperform in a challenging market. The company has successfully tested its methods with previous sample transactions, yielding a profitable return at a low risk position.
Main business features
  1. The sole 'bid hub' for all medical provider funding solutions including Direct Funding by your Licensor!
  2. Innovation using the internet as a platform for the bid market model with one (1) small application (one standard format of data) reaching 100s of medical funders, individual investors, hedge funds and instuitional investors.
  3. Variety of funding options: small or large providers; surgery to transportation; workers' compensation to medical factoring.
  4. Rate the accounts receivables at our own expense based on non-biased valuation of collection history, type of service and other parameters.
  5. Focus on quick and simple funding process.
  6. Provides potentially higher returns on provider accounts receivables.
  7. No restrictions or exclusivity requirements.
Sign up today to become one of the exclusive owners of our Medical Funding Bid Hub business and reap tremendous financial rewards!
Submit the form below to take the first step. Limited time opportunity!

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