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Mailbox and Business Center Developers - Business Opportunity

Quick Business Summary

As the fastest growing mail box store developer in North America, The Mail Box Stores' development specialists guide you step-by-step through the process of starting your own mailbox & print store business. Our simple turn-key program provides financing assistance, store development, training, and access to discounted products.

Mailbox and Business Center Developers
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2021

Minimum Cash Required$30,000
Total Investment$84,900 – $134,900
Financing Assistance3rd Party
Year Founded1993
# of Existing Units4000
Training & SupportYes
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Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States


Mailbox and Business Center Developers - Business Information

Today's Fastest Growing Developer of Independent Mail Box Stores in North America.

The Mailbox Stores, Inc. offers you the best opportunity to become a MAILBOX STORE OWNER

The Most Economical Developer of The Mail Box Store – The Mail Box Stores, Inc. Complete Turnkey Package starts at only $84,900.

To Quote Business Opportunity Magazine

"…the Packaging & Shipping Store Business has a LOW risk factor in a good growth industry. Millions of consumers are avoiding mile-long lines at the post office by turning to packaging and shipping services. These one-stop shops package just about anything and ship it almost anywhere via national carriers."

We've Thought of Everything
We offer a total comprehensive package, which covers every pertinent aspect of opening and successfully running a retail Mailbox & Print store long term. You are able to offer more than 40 profitable and in-demand personal and business services to your customers. We are the only mail and parcel developer that includes a color copier with black & white copying features, state of the art POS and interactive customer touch screen in your business package. We assist in finding your new location, help negotiate the lease, perform the store design and layout, do the physical set-up, help you to secure financing as well as provide ongoing support. We supply all the Mailbox store merchandise, fixtures, equipment and supplies, along with the work crew to open the store and we do it quickly and professionally.

Training & Support
Training is designed to ensure that each new owner is familiar with the many aspects of managing their store.  This experience begins before and continues well after the store's opening.  Your trainer will be in contact with you both before and after the store has opened.  This training will include a full review of a comprehensive operational techniques designed to aid you in operating your store on a day-to-day basis.  Both classroom and online training are available, and encouraged, prior to the opening of the store.

This is NOT a Franchise
You are the owner of the store and have 100% control of your business. 

Since we are NOT a franchise, there are no ongoing royalties or fees, but you DO receive long-term support and access to industry networks.  From the beginning you have total control over all decisions regarding YOUR store, including site location, store layout, timing of opening and additional options to grow and enhance your business.

Company History
The Mail Box Stores is affiliated with one of the largest retail business opportunity developers in the country.  In a little over 26 years they have assisted in opening over 4,500 successful retail outlets in the U.S. helping independent storeowners achieve their dreams of business ownership and financial independence.