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Little Medical School

Quick Summary

Our start up costs are low, and best of all, you do not have to commit to any type of lease. Not only are we the first to offer comprehensive medical-themed learning programs for children, but now you have an opportunity to own a business!

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$25,000
Training & SupportYes
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Little Medical School

Welcome to Little Medical School®
Little Medical Schools brings medicine, science, and the importance of health to kids ages 5-10 in an entertaining and exciting learning environment.  Kids learn while having fun as they dress up like doctors, role-play, use medical instruments and get to understand and explore the world of medicine.

You Can Offer:

  • After School Programs
  • Summer Camp Programs
  • Workshops and Special Event Programs!

And you can perform all of these programs onsite or even at hospitals!  Each Little Medical School program you offer will incorporate our proprietary curriculum written by board certified physicians.

A Few Fast Facts

  • No medical experience necessary!
  • Incredibly low start up costs!
  • No royalties for your first two months!
  • Very simple turn-key operation!
  • Flexible business that you can operate from home

The Benefits of Owning a Little Medical School®
Little Medical School® is a unique and exciting business for practically anyone.  You do not need to have a medical background, teaching background or even a background in owning and running a business.  We provide you with our incredible curriculum and all the necessary training and tools to make this a relatively simple business for you to operate.

  • It's Easy To Find Instructors!
    You do not have to worry about finding instructors.  You will be pulling from an incredible pool of talent such as pre-med, medical students and nursing students that not only are eager to work, but also looking to earn volunteer credit to complete their course requirements.

  • It Really Doesn't Cost A Lot
    Our start up costs are LOW and best of all you do not have to commit to any type of lease.  Not only are we the first to offer comprehensive medical themed learning programs for children, now you have an opportunity to own a franchise!

  • Large Protected Territory
    With Little Medical School® you receive a large protected territory.  That means no one else will operate a Little Medical School® business in your area.  Unlike other franchise systems you will not be competing against your fellow franchisees.  We give our franchisees one of the largest territories in the industry (see our Franchise Disclosure Document for details).

This is a mobile business that can be easily operated out of your home.  In fact this business is so flexible that you can operate it part-time or full-time depending on your comfort level.  So you can start this business part-time and ease your way into it full-time if you currently have other obligations.

The Rewards
The kids win by becoming empowered and learning about medicine in a fun way.

Students in the healthcare field are your instructors and they win by volunteering for college credit and/or getting paid by your school.

And of course you win because you get to witness the positive transformations of kids going through your programs.  Plus you get the opportunity to make a living doing something you love.

Is Owning a Little Medical School® for You?
Ask yourself do you:

  • Want to teach medical-themed programs to children in your community?
  • Want to impact a child's future?
  • Want a turn-key business with easy to follow systems?
  • Want to inspire tomorrow's medical professionals?

Anyone can own and operate a Little Medical School® business.  Your positive attitude and strong work ethic along with our easy and proven business model are all that you need to get started.  Contact us today to speak to a representative!

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