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We've assembled some of the world's experts in Neuroscience, Social Psychology, and Philosophy to bring Neuroscience out of the labs and into mainstream personal development training. This is a business opportunity (not a franchise) for professionals with the passion & drive to take their clients to the highest levels of empowerment & achievement.

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Life In Balance Careers
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Minimum Cash Required $7,500

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Life In Balance Careers - Business Opportunity

Practical and Effective - Credible and Trusted
We've assembled some of the world's experts in Neuroscience, Social Psychology, and Philosophy to bring Neuroscience out of the labs and into mainstream personal development training.

The Neuro Change Method is a New Brain and Mind Change Process to Help Clients Transform Their Lives.
Staggering advances in Mind Sciences have led us to the Neuro Change Method™, which you can use to help your clients adapt, recover, and emerge as a ‘New Person.’ The Neuro Change Method's common themes strongly contribute to the Zeitgeist of our moment, which is the move to Evidence-based Personal Development.

Government Grants
We've Been Awarded Government Grants to Assist Our Research.

In 2018, the Australian Government awarded us a grant co-founding our study into the effects of habit change on wellness and well-being.
This funding is now extended, and we are allocating it to research into the efficacy of our Neuro Change Method.

The Method
You can positively impact your client's lives as you transform your Training, Coaching, Or Practitioner Consultancy.

Recent years have seen interest explode in the potential for Brain and Mind Sciences to change lives. Finally, some Evidence-based Practitioner Training that makes lifelong change possible because it does what until now was over-promised and under-delivered.

We’ve engineered a superior client experience to ensure success. We begin by defining purpose, which prepares clients for the FLOW STATE, a heightened state of consciousness. Then six modules leveraging tools to, Modify Behavior, Mindset, Beliefs, and Emotional IQ. The Nudge Theory, Mental Contrasting with II (MCII), and the latest Social Psychology and Mind Theory research. Neuroplasticity and the Brain’s unique ability to adapt. Creating a sustainable, attainable Blueprint for Change. Tools to support change so your clients can live a purposeful life and have the tools to achieve excellence.

We All Want to Make Positive Changes, the Question is How?

Client Benefits
Happiness Can Be Cultivated, Clients of the Neuro Change Method go on to:

  • Adapt and Recover From Established Biases
  • Use the Malleable Aspects of the Brain to Improve Health, Happiness, and Wealth
  • Reframe Their world and Rewire Their Brain
  • Become the Sculptors of Their own Brains
  • Allow the New You to Emerge
  • Renew Their Brains
  • Achieve Excellence in any Pursuit
  • Increased Levels of Consciousness

3 Practitioner Opportunities

  • Be a Neuro Change Practitioner - Help individuals and small groups with the basics of the Neuro Change Methodology.
  • Be a Neuro Change Master Practitioner - You can also work with people from businesses, corporate and sports who seek performance excellence.
  • Be a Neuro Change Mentor Once qualified, you will refer students to our program and mentor students seeking accreditation.  The Neuro Change Mentor ™ Opportunity is limited in each geographical area. 

Neuro Change Mentor™
We are currently looking for 30 Neuro Change Mentors in the month of July 2021 with the training starting in August 2021.  

Marketing And Business Skills

  • Advertising for students.
  • Online presence.
  • Social Marketing and Introduction to Enterprise Online.
  • The Charisma Factor - Presenting Online.
  • Full LMS system ready to go for you to start teaching students.

This is a course of study with a high level of business support. 

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Now I can add neuroscience to what I already do.”
  • “Learning how I can best integrate neuroscience.”
  • “The program is designed to enhance my practice.”
  • “You’re providing me the ‘How To’ I need to succeed.”
  • “I’m inspired to be part of an elite Scientific institute.”
  • “There are so many wins and it pencils out financially.”
  • “Empowerment, freedom, and all under my own brand.”

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