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Liberty Tax Service

Quick Summary

Liberty Tax Service is a retail income tax preparation firm serving the US and Canada. We are the fastest growing international firm of its kind. Work hard for only 4 months out of the year, and set your own schedule!

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$56,800
Net Worth Required$50,000
Financing AssistanceNone
Year Founded1996
# of Existing Units4,300
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Liberty Tax Service

The Liberty Tax Advantage
When you are the boss, you set your schedule – it's that simple.  One advantage Liberty Tax Service has over other franchises is that the tax season is just that – seasonal.  This allows you to keep another job while building your franchise.  Work hard for four months out of the year.  The time leftover is time for your life.  Take the rest of the year to pursue other interests, go on vacation, spend time with the family, or even focus on another business.

Put our proven system to work for your success.  Sure prior tax experience is nice but not needed,  because we thoroughly and continually train you and your employees.  The corporate operations are lean, not bureaucratic, which keeps Liberty Tax responsive to the market and to our franchisees.  Each year, we review our operating systems and respond to any adjustments needed per our franchisees' recommendations.

What Makes a Liberty Tax franchise different from other franchises?

Let us count the ways …

#1. We are led by the grandfather of the tax industry, John Hewitt.

With 45 years of experience in the tax preparation business, he has founded two of the three largest tax preparation corporations.  He has led Liberty to open over 4,400 offices – more than three times faster than any tax company.  Who better to partner with in business than the leader of the industry?

#2. We make taxes fun.

Our culture, our customer experience, even our mission statement is about having fun.  We understand not everyone loves taxes (like we do) but it doesn't mean they can't have some fun when filing.  When you drive by a Liberty Tax office, you see our Lady Liberty Wavers smiling and dancing, relaying our mission – to make taxes fun – for everyone.

#3. Commitment to Our Success.

“To have as many franchisees as John [Hewitt] has and as many offices open, he is extremely responsive.  He called me back in 15 minutes after I called him at 5 a.m. I doubt a lot of CEOs of major corporations would respond that quickly.”  Tiffany Dodson, NC franchisee.  Constant communication is a theme at Liberty Tax.  Liberty Tax does not succeed unless our franchisees do.

Our Marketing Makes its Mark
Liberty Tax's marketing plan is designed to generate the maximum “top of mind” awareness to potential customers with the goal of growing your business and the Liberty brand.  We provide you with all the tools you need to effectively market your franchise on a local level.

During tax season, we have thousands of individuals across the United States dress up in Statue of Liberty costumes, and in Canada they dress in Leafy (maple leaf) costumes, acting as live advertisements for Liberty Tax.  This form of outrageous marketing is paramount to the success of the Liberty Tax Service offices.  We host roadside parties and give away hotdogs, coffee, popcorn and more!

Aside from marketing, Liberty Tax firmly believes in giving back to the communities where our customers and employees work.  Throughout the country, franchisees partner with local and national non-profits to raise funds and awareness for causes that are near and dear to their hearts.  We also honor local heroes (teachers, law enforcement, medical personnel, military, etc.) through our appreciation weeks.

Our Proven Track Record
We are the fastest growing company in the tax industry.  We are setting records and blazing new trails with innovative marketing strategies and exploding social media campaigns.  Our success has been recognized globally and the industry experts are taking notice.  Join us and come grow with us

The Financial Side of Our Franchise
Total Investment: $57,800 - $71,900
Minimum Net Worth: $50,000
Franchise Fee: $40,000

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