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We are seeking entrepreneurs who want to help other small business owners succeed. You will network in your community to bring in new Members to build LeTip Chapters, helping small business owners grow through lead generation. This is a people oriented business where your communication skills and outgoing personality will lead to your success.

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LeTip International - The Original Business Networking Group
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $30,000
Total Investment $100,000 - $0

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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LeTip International - The Original Business Networking Group - Business Opportunity

About Us
We’re LeTip International, the oldest and most trusted business networking group in the country. We’re the business referral network that started it all.

Our unique professional networking group model is based on building, sustaining, and supporting strong relationships between businesspeople. LeTip members form a close knit family of non-competing businesses.

LeTip is the Best Lead Generation Model in the Industry
Our unique professional networking group model is based on building, sustaining, and supporting strong relationships between businesspeople.  For more than four decades, we have helped small business owners grow their businesses.  From the first chapter in San Diego in 1978, LeTip has spread across the US and into Canada with thousands of members and hundreds of chapters.  Now is the time to join the team and get small business back on a success track for 2021.

People First
At LeTip, we are in the business of passing tips to grow each other’s business. To achieve this goal, our business leads networking group builds lasting, sustainable relationships between members. 

Structure and Accountability
Each LeTip chapter is run like a business. Our structured weekly meeting is the engine that drives our success. Turning chapter members into an informed, engaged sales force requires weekly meetings.

Lasting Relationships
Monthly visitations enable members of our business leads networking group to learn and share about each other’s business. In time, every chapter member becomes well versed on all the businesses in the chapters, giving them the knowledge to tip more intelligently.

Personal Growth
By giving their own 30 second commercial during weekly meetings and 10 minute presentations on a rotating basis, members of our business leads networking group hone their public speaking skills and fine tune their brand messaging.

Harnessing Technology
Access to LeTip Wired provides members with advanced tools to network with more power and pivot their business quickly as market conditions change.

No Outside Speakers
Members take turns as our weekly speakers because in LeTip its all about our members’ business growth.

Why Choose LeTip for Your New Business
Our work from home model is perfect for the entrepreneur looking for a low cost start up business.  We provide our franchise partners with training, support, sales materials and have a national social media presence to build from.  You pick your own schedule and control your own destiny. Whether you are looking to own your one-person networking business or manage a team of networkers in an expansive territory, LeTip has a franchise model for your long-term goals.

We also help run your business.  With all of your clientele on our national membership portal, you don’t need to worry about invoicing or payment collection.  The Business Dashboard provides all the reports and information you need to keep track of what has happened and what is coming up for your business, including when customers are going to renew and the benefits they are receiving from being a member.

What the Job is Like
Our franchisee’s business is starting networking chapters. Meeting and speaking with small business owners are the footings for building this business. You will do this by attending business events such as Chambers of Commerce or meet-ups and speaking with community leaders who can introduce you to small business owners.  Building your personal network is the basis for building your business.  Bringing together a group of these business owners and coaching them on the benefits of structured networking is the start of forming chapters.  Once the chapter starts, you become the local trainer utilizing the materials and training library that we provide.  Your participation in the initial weeks of the Chapter provides the basis for which the members then start building the size of the chapter on their own, adding to your business revenues.

Ideal Candidate
We are looking for sociable people who want to be recognized as leaders in their business community, helping small business to grow.  You will be part of building and supporting an economy in your territory.  The best part of this job is seeing small business owners succeed.  You will coach business owners on growing their businesses and know that you are at the heart of the success that they get from being a LeTip member.


Is this a franchise opportunity that will work in my area?
If there are small business owners in your area, then you can form LeTip Chapters.  You need to be in a population center that can support 10, 20, or 30 chapters as you grow your business.  Is there a population of 500,000 within the driving distance that you want to create your company?

Do I need to have a sales background?
If you like people and can network with them, we can train you on how to build your business.  

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