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The Franchise Tank is perfect for individuals that like a management style business. It’s a full house franchise consulting firm that helps with everything from franchising their business to building their first store. We also invest in companies we love and along with you take equity partnership in their future franchises sold. Learn more today!

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Franchise Tank
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Minimum Cash Required $40,000

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Franchise Tank - Franchise

You have heard of Shark Tank on TV…. Now there is the FRANCHISE TANK. Be a part of a revolutionary company that will transform the way companies franchise their business.
The Franchise Tank has an amazing franchise model. The concept is simple…find us companies that want to franchise their business… It can be a restaurant or a service company…any type of company that wants to franchise their business. After that point, our team of experts comprised of franchise lawyers, design build contractors, real estate brokers and restaurant consultants will do all the work to help them create their franchise FDD, design blue prints, build stores and find buyers, so they can begin selling franchises. We are a FULL HOUSE franchise consultant that can help them with the entire process of growing their franchise. The Franchise Tank is also half incubator, helping franchise businesses we like without charging them but taking equity interest as partners… in which case you too can enjoy a lifetime of franchise royalties as they grow their business and sell franchises

How You Make Money
Immediately after your training we will help you jump start your business by placing internet advertising in your area and state to help you discover companies that want to franchise their business.  You will meet with them and present to them our services.  We charge a flat fee of $30,000 to franchise their business.  This includes all the items on the list of services below.   This price is extremely competitive, as other professional firms charge anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000, with much less to offer than the Franchise Tank.  We pay you a commission of 30% or $9,000 for bringing us clients that want to franchise their business… while our franchise experts and attorneys do all the work for the client to get them ready to start selling franchises. In addition, for clients you bring in that we franchise and become an equity partner of the Franchise Tank, you will also receive 20% from our total equity of all franchises ever sold! This is an incredible opportunity with enormous potential.

Our Services
Our services are very unique.  Our goal and mission is to help companies franchise their business.  Once they join the Franchise Tank, we will invite them for a 1 day training at our facility in NY to teach them the franchise business, prepare their Franchise Disclosure Document (UFDD) and begin helping them with the understanding of the marketing & selling of their new franchise.

  1. Help businesses that want to franchise, create their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  2. Help businesses create their Franchise Agreement.
  3. Help businesses create their Master Area Developer Agreement & their Area Developer Agreement.
  4. Help businesses with selecting their franchise fees & royalty fees for their franchises.
  5. Give businesses a one-day training on understanding franchising and how to be a franchisor.
  6. Teach businesses how to train, support & relate to your new franchisees.
  7. Create a skeleton draft of their Operations Manual.
  8. Assist them in Trade Marking their company name.
  9. Offer them discounted co-operate advertising opportunities through franchise portals.
  10. Offer them our in-house discounted rates for website development pertaining to their franchise, including franchisee message boards and much more.
  11. Offer them in-house discounted franchise legal support that they may need for their franchise business after their franchising FDD is completed.
  12. Assist them in choosing the best marketing vehicle to sell their franchises.
  13. Assist them in the design of their marketing material for their buyers/franchisees as an added service.
  14. Offer them on-going phone support for one year with any questions they may have at any time about their franchise.
  15. Once they are up and running, we can assist them in helping to sell their franchises as an added service.

The Competition
The Franchise Tank has a unique business model far superior than that of a franchise consultant.   This is because we started out as franchisors ourselves, franchising our own business.   This allowed us to learn franchising from the inside out.  Unlike other consultants that create their FDD without ever meeting them, we give them a full day of in depth training and understanding of the franchise world to offer services that help build a successful franchise!

Your Territory & Customers
The entire United States is your open territory to do business in. You are allowed to find clients anywhere in the United States and bring them in as your clients. There is no restriction for you to do business anywhere.  WHO IS YOU CLIENT:  Anyone that has a successful business is a perfect candidates to turn into a franchisor and help them franchise their business. We are now selling franchise territories for an introductory price of only $20,000. This includes your 4 day training and an advertising marketing package to jump start your business. Come in on the ground floor and let’s build a great business together.

Training & Support

Your exclusive territory comes with a 3 Day training at our offices in Florida,  a starter pack of marketing material, which includes business cards, post cards, polo shirts, & internet advertising by us to help you jump start your new franchise business. Once you join our team, we will become your long term franchisee partner... the support is continuous and 24/7 whenever you need our help. Our goal is to see you succeed!


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