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Beach Hut Deli

Quick Summary

Exceptional Signature Sandwiches and the California Beach Culture combine to create a unique opportunity. Beach Hut Deli appeals to a broad demographic: families, teenagers, college students, blue collar workers, and high level executives. We’re family-friendly and very active in our local communities and schools. Good vibe and Great Food!

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$100,000
Financing AssistanceNone
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Beach Hut Deli

Beach Hut Deli's History
In 1981, Troy Feist set out to create a food service concept that his family and friends would enjoy.  Being a lover of the beach, Troy’s vision was to develop a restaurant around a beach resort culture.  He wanted to serve food that he was proud of, with craft brews on draft while listening to music he loved.  How could that miss?  Now, for over 30 years, Beach Hut Deli has been known for creating and serving the most amazing sandwiches and unique salads, all in an environment unlike any other.  Our sandwiches are made with artisan breads stuffed full of top-quality meats and cheeses, the freshest produce and flavor combinations you can only find at Beach Hut Deli.  We also create crisp salads made from proprietary recipes with taste sensations that will overwhelm you.  A large variety of local craft brews on tap that will exceed the highest of standards from any micro-brew connoisseur.  Our atmosphere has a culture and vibe that creates a feeling of relaxing at a tropical beach with good company and amazing food.  That’s the magic of Beach Hut Deli.

In the beginning, Troy’s approach to the menu was different than any other concept in the deli category.  In 1981, there was no other restaurant serving sandwiches that combined oven roasted turkey, ripe avocados, cream cheese and hickory smoked bacon.  Cream cheese and avocados on a sandwich??  The Surfin Bird was born!

The Surfin Bird became the flagship sandwich that started the Beach Hut Deli brand.  People came from all around to try the unique sandwich creations and signature salads.

But it wasn’t just the sandwiches and salads that drew customers back to Beach Hut Deli.  It was also the welcoming beach culture that made them feel comfortable.  Beach Hut Deli creates the feeling of being on vacation during your lunch break.  The atmosphere people were experiencing at lunch made them want to come back in the evening and on the weekends.  Who frequents a deli concept after five o’clock?  Beach Hut Deli customers do!  This is an important factor in differentiating our concept from others in the deli category.  Our customers come back in the evening to watch sports on our HD TV’s, enjoy the good music, the amazing food, craft beers and just relax.

With packed tables and lines out the door, people approached Troy about opening a Beach Hut Deli where they lived.  Now with 35 locations in California and Nevada and an additional ten franchises under development for 2015, Beach Hut Deli is fast becoming a break-through brand.

The Franchise Opportunity
Our growth strategy is to expand with qualified franchisees whom we support as our partners.  Restaurant experience is not required to become a Beach Hut Deli franchisee.  However, to ensure that you have realistic expectations of what it takes to become a successful operator, we conduct a test period prior to awarding a franchise.  You’ll work in a Beach Hut Deli with members of our staff for a minimum of three days.  In that time, we’ll discuss our site selection process, training, operations and marketing.  We want to determine if Beach Hut is a good fit for you.  Our goal is to have each franchise owner thrive in our concept and this test period is a unique opportunity to ensure that happens.

If you are awarded a franchise, we provide a thorough training program prior to opening and continued support in all facets of the business thereafter.

Currently, Beach Hut Deli is seeking additional locations in the Western United States.  Through our detailed site criteria, we’ll work with you to secure a premier location.  Our concept utilizes space between 1500 and 2500 SF, with outdoor patio seating.

The initial franchise fee is $35,000 and subsequent franchises are $19,000

Royalties are 5.5% of gross sales and the advertising rate is 1.5%

The initial investment to begin operation ranges from $225,795 to $542,415

Beach Hut Deli appeals to a broad demographic: families, teenagers, college students, blue collar workers, high level executives, the young and the wise.  We’re family-friendly and very active in our local communities and schools.  Don’t just take our word for it, the Sacramento Business Journal readers voted Beach Hut Deli the best lunch restaurant in the region.  Beach Hut has also been the recipient of Northern California KCRA 3 “A-list” award multiple times and has been voted “Best Lunch” by the readers of publications in virtually every market we’ve entered.

It’s evident that Troy’s vision has made a connection with people.  The most common inquiry we receive from our website is, “When are you opening a Beach Hut Deli where I live?”

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