BarkSuds - Membership Dog Salon - Franchise

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Grow with us, open a BarkSuds Dog Salon Franchise, and transform your passion for dogs into a lucrative business. Benefit from a recession and e-commerce proof, membership-based business model, impressive profits, low start up costs and amazing pre-tax margins. A BarkSud’s Franchise will fill both your wallet and heart! Inquire to learn more today.

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BarkSuds - Membership Dog Salon
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2023

Minimum Cash Required $50,000
Total Investment $150,000 - $180,000
Franchise Fee $45,000
Training & Support Yes

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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BarkSuds - Membership Dog Salon - Franchise

Dogs Are Angels

  • We adore Dogs, it’s our passion and foundation of BarkSuds’ success.
  • Dogs Are Angels and it’s our privilege to enrich their lives with routine care.
  • Share our passion?
  • Can’t imagine doing anything else?
  • Grow with us, open a BarkSuds Franchise, and transform this passion into a lucrative business.
  • A BarkSud’s Franchise will fill both your wallet and heart.

Membership-Based Business Model

  • Our automatic monthly credit card billing model is a revolutionary spin on a traditional business.
  • Receive $45 dollars per dog every month guaranteed.
  • Predictable income stream like car washes, meal plans and gyms.
  • Memberships encourage loyalty which in turn creates a second income stream for haircuts.

Amazing Pre-Tax Margins

  • Negligible variable costs such as wholesales bath products.
  • Bathers are minimal wage employees.
  • No raw materials required to cook or assemble any products.
  • No perishable products.
  • No inventory holding costs.
  • Modest square footage required.
  • More gross revenue flows to you.

Incredibly Low Build Out Costs

  • No required expensive commercial kitchen like restaurant franchises.
  • No high-cost equipment to purchase and maintain.
  • Designer upscale lobby at a moderate cost.
  • No required finishes, fixtures or even flooring in back-end of salon.
  • Quick build out means quick opening.

Impressive Profits

  • Salon Size is 1,000 to 1,500 square feet.
  • BarkSuds™ calculates one membership per square foot.
  • 1500 members generates $67,500 premiums per month plus estimated $35,000 in haircuts.
  • Total projected Annual Gross Revenue at 1500 members equals $1,230,000.
  • Projected Pre-tax profit at 40% equals $492,000.
  • 1000 members generates $45,000 premiums per month plus estimated $25,000 in haircuts.
  • Total projected Annual Gross Revenue at 1000 members equals $840,000.
  • Projected Pre-tax profit at 40% equals $336,000.
  • Dog treat sales generate an additional $1,000 per month.

Dogs Are Family

  • Today our pups sleep with us, sofa surf, dine out, food shop, vacation and yes, partake in our weddings and family portraits!
  • Pups need weekly bubble baths too! They don’t have fancy bathrooms and track in dirt and even poop!
  • Dog Parents demand frequent and routine dog care and absolutely love BarkSuds™ Unlimited $45 a month grooming.
  • A BarkSuds™ Franchise is perfectly positioned to profit off today’s higher-maintenance doggie lifestyle.

BarkSuds™ Is Recession and "E-Commerce" Proof

  • Pet Industry is over $100 billion dollars strong with robust growth.
  • Almost half of EVERY household has a pup or two or three!
  • Dog Adoption is at an all time high as people shifted to remote work.
  • Dog care is recession proof even in the toughest of financial times.
  • Impossible to wash a dog "virtually."
  • Dog grooming is a local centric business and impossible to shift to overseas labor markets.

Do What You Love

  • Open a BarkSuds™ Franchise and leave behind that soul crushing 9 to 5.
  • Living for the weekend? Counting days until Friday? Sunday Night dread?
  • Be your own boss. Stop working for a paycheck.
  • Build you own future and financial security.
  • What could be better than be surrounded by beautiful dogs.
  • Job security does not exist. Corporate employees are disposable.
  • Be passionate about you new career as a BarkSuds™ Franchisee.

“White Paw” Franchise Support

  • No prerequisites! Doesn’t matter what your prior life experience. Just bring Passion.
  • BarkSuds™ will welcome you into the Pack and be by your side like a loyal pup.
  • A BarkSuds™ Franchise is a “turnkey” business model.
  • BarkSuds™ “White Paw Support” will be with you every step of the way starting with site location.
  • BarkSuds™ will ensure a swift built out including cost management with our engineers and architects.
  • White Paw Franchise support even includes on-site training and hiring including our appointment software, bathing procedures and grooming guidelines.
  • BarkSuds™ is only a short leash away. Whether it’s operational support, growing your revenue, or just to “bark” a bit, we are a pack that sticks together. No growling required.

BarkSuds™ Franchise Benefits

  • Provide all support to open a “turnkey” ready to go BarkSuds™ Salon. No prior dog grooming experience required at all.
  • Site Selection Support with proven success.
  • Proprietary design for lobby and back-end equipment.
  • Exclusive area rights.
  • Comprehensive training including appointment software, payroll, and accounting platforms.
  • Extensive Franchisee training on standard of care, dog handlings and customer facing policies.
  • Initial on-site apprenticeship at a company owned BarkSuds™ location.
  • One-on-one mentoring with a corporate employee who will also follow you to your own BarkSuds™ Franchise to ensure a smooth opening.
  • National advertising including billboards and social media campaigns.
  • Access to economies of scale including wholesale product purchasing.
  • Guaranteed to produce a lot of tail wagging!

Financial Requirements

  • $45,000 upfront Franchise Fee.
  • Approximately $150,000 to $180,000 start-up initial capital for build out.
  • $50,000 liquid working capital at opening day.
  • Both single and multi-unit locations available.

BarkSuds - Membership Dog Salon Video

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