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This franchise opportunity is a great way to supplement your income and expand your current business network. AmSpirit Business Connections is a for-profit, membership-based organization, through which franchisees aim to help entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals obtain new client revenue. Learn more now!

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AmSpirit Business Connections
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $33,200

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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AmSpirit Business Connections - Franchise

Keep Your Day Job
An AmSpirit Business Connections franchise is great way to supplement your income and expand your current network.  AmSpirit Business Connections franchisees aim to help entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals obtain new client revenue. AmSpirit Business Connections franchises are offered by AmSpirit Franchise Corporation. 

Important Points To Consider

Revenue Stream -
A franchisee's members pay membership dues, which creates revenue for the franchisee. 

Minimal Overhead - There are minimal supplies needed, no inventory to carry, minimal equipment required, and, if approved, franchisees may use a home office. 

Professional Clientele - We believe our membership attracts great business professionals to the organization and our franchisees have the chance to expose their other business ventures to them. 

Ideal Candidate Characteristics Profile
Like any franchise, the AmSpirit Business Connections franchise opportunity could be well suited for individuals with certain characteristics or personality traits. These are outlined below.  

  • Commitment To Follow A Developed System - An ideal franchisee is willing and prepared to follow the structure of the AmSpirit Business Connections model in all aspects. 
  • Willingness To Lead Motivated Business Professionals - As AmSpirit Business Connections members are generally motivated business professionals who need guidance on becoming successful through networking, the ideal franchisee will be someone eager to lead members in that process. 
  • Demonstrated Track Record Of Business Success - As our franchisees more or less serve as leaders of the membership, to establish their own personal credibility, it is important that the ideal franchisee have a degree of prior professional success in some form or another.
  • Enthusiasm To Help Others Obtain New Client Revenue - We believe that our franchisees personally benefit from the networking processes associated with generating business referrals, the ideal franchisee should possess an empathy or desire to help others succeed.
  • Reasonable Degree Of Control Over Their Business Day - As an AmSpirit Business Connections business involves consistent weekly meetings (usually in the morning), the ideal franchisee needs to be able to keep their own calendar and be available to attend these meetings regularly. 
  • Willingness To Participate In Area Networking Activities - As our franchise model is centered on professional networking, an ideal franchisee should be open to active participation in his or her local community, relative to business afterhours and other similar events. 

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