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Agape Leaders Institute

Quick Summary

Agape Leaders Institute helps promote student success with the power of debate and speech. This is an exciting work-from-home opportunity that helps students in grades 4-12 improve their public speaking and critical thinking skills. Inquire today to learn more about this feel-good business!

Quick Facts

Minimum Cash Required$20,000 – $100,000
Financing AssistanceNone
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Agape Leaders Institute


About Agape Leaders Institute
Since 2008, Agape Leaders Institute has worked with public, private, and test prep schools to provide public speaking and debating programs.  Agape Leaders Institute has been working closely with schools to establish a debate program where students are able to receive intensive preparation for the coming competition season through instruction, training, and coaching.  Agape provides comprehensive instruction to students in grades 4-12 interested in improving their oratorical, argumentation, and critical thinking skills by refining them in a competitive setting.  Debate is an excellent vehicle for extra-curricular learning, and has been used in many settings to enhance and reinforce important concepts learned in the classroom.

Start Leading The Way
Public speaking and debate skills are two of the most essential skills needed to learn for children to be college and career ready.  Parents understand the importance of using educational opportunities to help their child stand out among their peers.  Now, through the franchise offering, Agape Leaders Institute is expanding with our select franchise partners to capitalize on the constant influx of high achieving students.  As school children will increasingly need a competitive edge to be successful in their future educational endeavors, the possibilities for franchise expansion is unending.

Managing Your Business
This is a work from home business that provides children with the skills to be well prepared for college and their careers.  The initial investment is low which means a low risk is involved for our partners.  Our franchise partners have the opportunity to be their own boss while averaging high returns due to a constant stream of customers coupled with low overhead!
Our partners will interact and establish relationships with school administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, community organization leaders, PTSA officials, and local politicians.  They will set up meetings to offer public speaking and debate programs as part of the after school program in local schools.  They will work with teachers and debate instructors to plan out the curriculum and teaching strategies, and will plan on organizing tournaments to attend.  Educators, former debaters or coaches, or those involved with marketing, or community organizing will be the best candidates for our franchise partnerships.

Support We Provide
With protected territories and national advertising, our franchise partners are insured a good start to their business ventures.
Our franchisees will be provided with approximately two weeks of initial training on the following:

 Learn the different formats of debating

  • Operations overview
  • Marketing strategies
  • Recruiting and teaching pedagogies
  • Budgeting and finances
  • Class observation
  • Debate tournament attendance

We will also support our franchisees as they open their business with a site visitation to train them on placing local ads in school newsletters, direct mailings, and other print media, networking with after-school program administrators and community organization leaders, and meeting with the parents during school wide parent teacher meetings.

Learn More Today!
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