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Driving School Instructed by Police, Firefighter and EMS. Knowledge, experience and trust are what police officers, firefighters and EMS bring to 911 Driving School. Our Instructors posses the experience and knowledge required to be expert driving instructors. Start your own 911 Driving School.

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911 Driving Schools
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Minimum Cash Required $50,000
Financing Assistance None

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911 Driving Schools - Franchise

911 Driving School Is Dedicated To Ensuring The Highest Standards Of Driver Training And Safety Through Proven Techniques Under The Guidance Of Police Officers, Fire Fighters And EMTs.

Over 15 years ago, a Washington Sheriff’s Deputy realized that he could “earn some extra money teaching driver’s education.” As a police officer, he was constantly in training to remain current with traffic law and enforcement, and had first-hand experience of the outcomes of bad driving. With his knowledge and experience, he saw an opportunity to create a business by offering driver’s education taught exclusively by law enforcement personnel and first responders. He thought parents would have greater confidence in their children’s abilities on the road if professional public safety officers had trained them. He also realized his fellow officers and first responders would appreciate the opportunity to use what they had learned to earn extra income in their off-duty time, further improving public safety.
Experience. Knowledge. Trust.
Experience: Police officers see firsthand the consequences of good and bad driving decisions and can share that experience with students. 911 Driving School has years of success leveraging that experience base to teach teens to be great drivers, not just to get licenses.
Knowledge: No other driving school has instructors that receive over 720 hours of driver-specific training. 911 Driving School has put this knowledge to work in a curriculum and franchise operations model 911 Driving School 05that spans seven states and continues to expand.
Trust: Police officers are dedicated to protecting and serving their communities. This commitment extends to their role as driving instructors. They can be trusted to give students the most impactful and safety-oriented driving instruction. 911 Driving School shares this commitment to students, and has earned the same high level of trust with their franchisees.
Over 100,000 Successfully Trained Students
  • Brick and mortar locations in five states
  • Online presence in all 50 states
  • 100,000+ successfully trained students nationwide
  • 911 students receive fewer warning letters and traffic violations and have a lower collision and suspension rate than other schools
Franchise Growth
911 franchise owners have experienced up to a 20% growth rate year over year. With a steady supply of students coming of age and a proactive approach to local marketing, this franchise has the green light to accelerate quickly!
911 Driving School

A complete driver training franchise for beginning and advanced students.

  • Professional driver training with proven results
  • Traditional first-time license instruction for all ages
  • Supplemental training as required by the judicial system,
     DMV, employers, or insurance companies
  • Training for RV owners, motorcycles, senior citizens 911 Driving School 07
  • Instruction for commercial fleet drivers
  • Proven successful franchise model
  • Over 10 years of profitable operations
  • Online revenue opportunities
  • May be operated from a home office or office suite with instruction typically held in a school classroom
  • Unmatched franchise support
  • Industry leading technology
  • Exclusive territories available
  • Substantial and positive contribution to your community
  • Franchise Site
    • 1200 – 2000 square feet
    • Inline, Office Suite, or Home Office
  • Number of Employees / Consultants
    • 3 - 7 employees and contracted police officers, firemen, or EMT/EMS for instructors
Driving School and Operations Training

(Seattle Area and On-Site at Franchise Location)
  • Company mission and vision
  • Compliance and scheduling software
  • Classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction 911 Driving School 03
  • Beginning and advanced driver training
  • State-certification requirements
  • Instructor-student relations
  • Refresher training and ongoing instruction
  • Corporate support and site visits
  • Best practices and tips to enhance business performance
  • National marketing initiatives, including SEO, ad marketing templates use
  • National Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) comprised of franchise owners nationwide
  • Accounting software and ongoing support
Ideal Candidate Qualifications
  • Previous teaching or law enforcement experience desirable
  • Strongly committed to safety and community
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to follow proven systems
  • Dedicated to superior customer service
  • Driven to make a positive difference in the community
  • Owner-operator preferred

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