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Pestmaster Services - Franchise

Quick Franchise Summary

Are you stuck in a dead end job, burned out with working for someone else, or just at a place in your life that you want to make a change, a REAL change? There is no better time than the present to enter into your own business in an industry that is forecasted to hit $10 billion this year. Learn more about Pestmaster's cost and facts now!

Pestmaster Services
Franchise Cost, Fees & Facts for 2020

Minimum Cash Required$50,000
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Pestmaster Services - Franchise Information

So you’ve decided to take a serious look at owning your own business, why not go with a proven business model with a long history of success? Pestmaster Services® has been in the industry for over 40 years and is the #1 Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in the nation for providing pest control services to the federal government. A balanced business plan that includes a healthy mix of residential, commercial and government contracts is one of many reasons we stand above the competition. That along with the fact that the pest control industry is estimated to reach the $10 billion mark by 2020 says it all. If you are driven, coachable and have a true desire to succeed, then we invite you to read on to discover the many benefits of becoming your own boss in the pest control industry with Pestmaster Services®.

Our History
Pestmaster Services was founded by Jeff Van Diepen in 1979 in the small community of Bishop California. The high level of success in the early years with a balanced business approach that included residential, commercial, local, state and federal contracts, it became Jeff’s mission to grow the company to become a national brand using his proven model of success. This model was focused on three major areas of service: Pest Control, Vegetation Management and Health Related/ Vector Control, all of which are still the foundation of the company today.

The Complete Package
Compared to many franchise options in the service industry, Pestmaster Services offers a complete package from training to marketing, an in-house contract procurement department and many more benefits outlined throughout our website for an initial investment that you can afford. Our franchise option offers you a great equity model with exceptional recurring revenue opportunity. The advantage of being able to operate out of your home will drastically reduce your initial overhead and allow your business to get off the ground quickly, while growing your revenue without the huge burden added to your overhead expenses. Start your business ownership journey with a low franchise fee and start-up costs.

Pestmaster Services offers a robust benefit package that includes a powerful and successful in-house Federal Contracts Department. This team’s sole purpose is to identify and secure local, state and federal contracts for our national franchisee network. In 2017 alone, Pestmaster Services has an incredible track record of success in the area of securing these contracts for our franchise network and are the !#1 SBE in the nation for providing pest control services to the federal government. In addition to many other benefits outlined throughout this site, we offer an extensive training program and ongoing coaching and mentoring. When compared to other options, we stack up well with lower startup costs.

Recurring Revenue 
With a focus on affluent residential areas, large-scale commercial residential complexes, industrial parks, and other major commercial opportunities, combined with a strong base of local, state and federal government contracts for services, our model demands recurring revenue streams from several income sources.  Pests will always be present and most upper-income residential customers aren’t so willing to live with insects and rodents no matter the status of the nation’s economy. Add to this, the need for constant pest control services for large residential rental units, retirement communities, hospitals and many other entities throughout any region and you have a bolstered opportunity to create multiple recurring revenue streams.

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