Love Peace & Haze - Fractional Ownership Program

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Learn more about investing in the ownership of Love Peace & Haze! The investment is only $250. Learn more now.

*Please contact "Love Peace & Haze - Fractional Ownership Program" to confirm the accuracy of any information provided on this page.

Love Peace & Haze - Fractional Ownership Program
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $250
Total Investment $250 - $100,000

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Love Peace & Haze - Fractional Ownership Program

Welcome to New York State the Wild West of Weed
Join us Today to benefit from New York States ‘” Gray Market Capitalization”

Why Join our Team

Love, Peace, and Haze is a Consumer Experience.

Join your Friends, Neighbors, Relatives, and Business Associates.

Get involved with our Program: TODAY.

Market Size

  • Fifty-five million Americans currently and regularly enjoy marijuana
  • Amazingly there are over 1.250 million users in New York City

Market Place Dollar Volume

  • This average Marijuana User spends a minimum of $100.00 a week on either weed or THC infused edibles
  • It has been projected that by 2023 the marijuana sales in New York State will be over 1.2 billion dollars a year
  • Others have suggested that this figure could be as high as five billion dollars by 2024

About Us

  • We are licensed by the New York State Cannabis Management 
  • Love, Peace, and Haze is in 100% compliance with a regulations, guidelines, and directives in our quest to advance social equality
  • Our fractional ownership program is available to a wide range of individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.


  • You are purchasing a portion of Love, Peace, and Haze. 
  • Thus, you will become an owner of our company
  • Availability from a ¼ unit up to 1,000 units and higher

We welcome your participation in our company.
Contact Us Today because our Fractional Ownership Units are of limited availability. 

Our true vision is a long relationship that will be extremely profitable.

Press Releases & Awards

20 Feb, 2022 - Welcome To New York, The Wild West Of Weed

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