KarmaBox - Boutique Healthy Vending - Business Opportunity

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You can't have a healthy vending business without vending machines. The important things we provide are our KarmaBoxes! We have carefully chosen selection of top-of-the-line vending equipment. Learn more about joining our team!

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KarmaBox - Boutique Healthy Vending
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $38,000

Available In These States:

We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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KarmaBox - Boutique Healthy Vending - Business Opportunity

About Us
KarmaBox Vending was one of the first companies in the world offering guilt-free snacks, beverages, and care products in vending machines. The concept was started in a dorm room over 6 years ago by entrepreneur A.J. MacQuarrie when he realized that junky snacks were everywhere, but healthy alternatives were hard to come by. After years of being an operator himself, building systems, and figuring out the best ways to procure locations, he then launched Karmatunity, KarmaBox Vending’s business opportunity.

With Karmatunity, you now have the chance to be your own boss with one of the hottest concepts on the business market today at an affordable price. It’s a feel good business. Not only are you becoming profitable as an entrepreneur, you’re also spreading convenient good health by providing your community with healthier alternatives to the ever-present junk.

Our Vision
KarmaBox Vending prides itself on being a boutique healthy vending company. We know we’re not as big as the other guys, but we like that. With our relationship-driven approach, you’re not treated like just a number. We provide our operators with lifetime support. Although you’re not gonna need it forever, it’s nice to know that KarmaBox Vending has got your back!

Core Values
At KarmaBox Vending, company culture is a priority. We want to create fun, diverse, professional environment for all of our team members. We believe two heads are better than one so always strive to work together as a team to achieve results for operators, location customers, and KarmaBox users. Here are our Core Values, a list that we try to ‘practice what we preach:

  • Think BIG
  • Have integrity 
  • Collaborate
  • Embrace change
  • Be overly optimistic
  • Express gratitude
  • Wow the customer

Seize Your Karmatunity!
Karmatunity is what we call our healthy vending business opportunity. Our all-inclusive business packages include our KarmaBoxes, locations from out in-house Locations Department, in-person training and location scouting, processes and routines for you to seamlessly run your business, and more! Choose from Zen Starter (10 KarmaBoxes) and the Lotus Collection (20 KarmaBoxes). You will be working with our Consultants before, during, and after your investment. We want to work with you to grow your healthy vending business.

Our Business Packages Include

  • KarmaBoxes - Too-of-the-line vending units and reliable equipment
  • Premium vending locations - Filter locations through our in-house locating services for the best leads
  • Training and consulting - Training and consulting are available throughout every step and even after your investment
  • Business processes - Ready-made procedural, legal, and organizational templates including inventory tools, location agreement forms, commission tools, and more.
  • Advanced Inventory Technology - Monitor your sales remedy and easily prepare your inventory from home!
  • Warranties and tech support - 7 year manufacturer's warranty and accessible technical support for all your machines
  • Themes - Customize with vibrant themed decals such as Citrus, Sunset, or Henna.
  • In-person location scouting - Get a visit from the founder and CEO and scout your territory for potential KarmaBox homes.

A La Karma
If you want to essentially build your own bundle, a la Karma is the way to go. With a la Karma, you forego our in-house location services and instead learn how to procure your own quality locations with our provided training. After all, you know your city better than everybody. Pick and choose from our a la Karma options to build a business customized specifically for you. A la Karma includes our KarmaBoxes, marketing packages, theme design, extensive operator training and location scout training, and more! With a la Karma, you have full control of your business from start to finish.





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