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Join the 2 Trillion Dollar High Demand Electronic Payment Solutions Industry! Thousands of Americans just like you want to control their own future, and Bankcard Academy offers an unparalleled opportunity for you. Start your own home-based business. If you are...

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Bankcard Academy
Business Cost, Fees & Facts for 2022

Minimum Cash Required $26,990
Total Investment $26,990 - $0
Training & Support Yes

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We are currently accepting inquiries in ALL States
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Bankcard Academy - Business Opportunity

Join the 2 Trillion Dollar High Demand Electronic Payment Solutions Industry!
Thousands of Americans just like you want to control their own future, and Bankcard Academy offers an unparalleled opportunity for you. Start your own home-based business.

If you are seriously considering your own business, then you should consider the 2 trillion dollar electronic payment industry. We will provide you with leads, product and the best training and support anywhere, so you can start running your own business!

An Affordable Bankcard Program That Allows You to Make Money While You Sleep!

The Electronic Payments Industry is the Perfect Place to be in Business – Today and the Future

Here's Why:

  • It can run from your home or office with minimal start-up costs.
  • You don’t have to have sales experience or banking knowledge
  • You can make multiple income streams – both immediate and residual.
  • Businesses need and want products and services you will provide.
  • The industry keeps growing and moving forward rapidly.
  • No on-going royalties to pay.
  • You can work full or part-time.

Dear Friend and Soon to be Business Owner, 
You’ve probably spent more than a few hours wondering how you can get rich someday? Maybe make a hit record… a killing in the stock market… or come up with some great invention like the pet rock?

For most of us, these are just dreams. Most people who are financially independent… happy and free to live how they want, got that way by owning their own business.

You’ve requested this information because you’ve obviously considered starting a business of your own. You’ve probably looked at franchises, service businesses and many others. Problem is, you need to come up with $25,000 – $100,000 or more just to get started and even then it’s a gamble- with a slim chance of ever making really good money.

Well, here’s the good news. If you’d like to start your own business, call your own shots and build a future that has TRUE SECURITY… then reading this report very carefully, in its entirety, is going to be the most profitable and important thing you do all week, all month and maybe all year.

So… grab Coke or a coffee, take the phone off the hook, lock yourself into a room, do whatever you have to do to give this your full and undivided attention.

What is the Electronic Payment Industry All About?
Simply put, this industry consists of providing the equipment, service and technology to electronically transfer money between the buyer of goods and services and the seller.

Think of a business in your area that sells a lot of products or services every day. A supermarket, gas station, restaurant, health club, etc. In order for these businesses to “do business” they need to be able to accept checks, credit cards, debit cards and other forms of payments.

Any time a customer makes a purchase with a credit card, debit card or by check, another company – called a service provider – makes a fee from these transactions. This company collects these fees because the electronic transfer of funds is a separate, entire industry. The businesses mentioned above (and any other type of business) can’t electronically transfer this money on their own.

In the United States alone, millions of electronic transactions are occurring every minute. Every time one of these transactions is made, someone is collecting a small percentage of it for providing the electronic payments service.

Why is There Such Big Opportunity?
Everyday, thousands of new businesses open their doors. Countless other established businesses are dissatisfied with their current providers or are paying too much for these services.

Someone has to help these new businesses so they can begin accepting electronic forms of payment and rescue the already established ones from their frustrations. That someone is going to collect a percentage of the transaction fees. That someone could be you!

Establishing one of these businesses as a client can pay you immediate profits PLUS continuous profits each and every time an electronic transaction is made.

How Can You Make Profits and Secure Your Future? 
Through Bankcard Academy, YOU have the opportunity to become an Electronic Payments Consultant in your local area offering a complete array of very profitable products and services.

With cutting edge web-based programs, marketing, client support, software, literature and point of purchase terminals, you can profit every business you establish… today and for years to come!

  • We charge a transaction fee and discount rate that is far less than businesses are used to paying.
  • Continuing Income… Yes… even while you sleep!!! Monthly Residual Checks paid to you from processing revenue, ATM’s surcharges and NSF check collection fees.

Once you have signed up a client on one of our electronic payment services, we handle all of the future processing. You earn income immediately from any equipment sold PLUS you continue to get paid residuals from the activity on that client for as long as that business is on the books.

In this business, you’re main goal – and the fastest way to a secure residual income, is to spend the majority of your time talking to potential new clients.

You have the freedom and ability to take this business to any level you desire. You can work full-time or part-time. You can hire other people or do it all yourself. This business can help you achieve whatever financial goals you have. The market for electronic payment services is vast and is expanding on a daily basis.

There are many types of businesses that you could choose to get into. None of them are as respectable, affordable or have the ability to pay the kind of ongoing, residual income that you can build for yourself in the electronic payments industry.

Have the Capability to Service Accounts Like These: The Home Depot, 7-11, Target, Whole Foods, Macy's, The Cheesecake Factory, BP and more....

Bankcard Academy Provides Services and Support You Need to be Successful
We have created a network of companies working together to provide the widest range of products, the best service and a simple step-by-step program to ensure you success at building your own lucrative company.

  • We provide training so you’ll know exactly how to hit the ground running and start making money right away.
  • We have an established national lead generation facility and will generate contacts for you so you can stay focused on building your client base.
  • Processing and accounting is handled for you – you won’t get bogged down in paperwork and will actually be able to take time off to enjoy life.
  • We help you retain your clients by providing superior support.
  • We provide further guidance to help you expand your business to whatever level you choose.

The fee that we charge you to get into the electronic payments industry is to ensure your success through quality training, support and business development. Simply put, we don’t make money if you don’t. So, it’s imperative that we help you succeed!

The Demand for Electronic Payment Solutions is Overwhelming!
Electronic payment solutions are in high demand and the market is ripe for those who want to rapidly build a successful business. BUT, the window of opportunity to become involved will not be available forever. Those who get involved early on will profit the most.

Getting involved now makes success simple because we charge a transaction fee and a discount rate that is far less than businesses are used to paying. Nearly any business – retail, service, even e-commerce – that accepts payments for goods and services is a potential client.

As an Electronic Payments Consultant, you could be earning executive-level income by this time next year. Someone will be signing up the businesses in your area… it should be you!

Remember, once your client is set up, you get paid on each transaction for the life of that contract. Residual income continues month after month automatically.

These Products and Services are a Potential Gold Mine to You!

Electronic Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Acceptance is no longer an option for businesses. It is an absolute necessity. You will be able to help businesses accept Visa, MasterCard, and Debit cards. You provide them a terminal (electronic data capture machine) so they can collect the money from the customer’s credit card and send it to their bank account.

You make money from the equipment provided AND a residual income every time a customer buys something with their credit card. With every client you bring on board, your residual income just keeps growing and growing!

What’s even more exciting is with the internet explosion, massive quantities of people are buying virtual terminals for the ability to take credit cards and checks via the internet. You will be able to sign these people up too!

Why Will Businesses Want to do Their Electronic Bankcard Processing with You?

  • We charge a transaction fee and discount rate that is far less than businesses are used to paying.
  • You will be able to provide your clients products and services that are cutting edge allowing them to operate more dependably, efficiently and profitably.

Electronic Check Conversion
Watch out paper check, you have competition. This product is unknown to most businesses and the market for it is huge and untapped.

Businesses live or die based on cash flow. When a business accepts a check they have to record it, stamp it, take it to the bank to deposit it, then wait for days until it clears and the funds are finally deposited in their account. Now you can provide a business with a terminal that they can use to convert a paper check into an electronic debit. This machine automatically sends the check to the bank. Business owners love the convenience.

You make money from the equipment provided AND a residual income every time a customer buys something with a check.

Why Will Businesses Want to do Their Electronic Check Processing with You?

  • Because of the savings and the efficiencies associated with point-of-sale check conversion, businesses will want to get up-and-running with this service as quickly as possible.
  • Not only will businesses save time and money, they will also be able to reduce the risk of bounced checks.

In Addition, to Help You Succeed at Your New Business, Our Program Includes:

  • Sales and training from our sales and processing professionals.
  • The power to offer multiple products to enhance the ability to capture a customer.
  • Ability to make $500 and up instantly for each appointment you go on.
  • Ability to offer our free NSF check recovery services and make $10.00 per recovered check.
  • Weekly sales reports detailing what checks have been recovered and what your paycheck will be.
  • The ability to make money by offering our other additional services such as: Checks by Phone, Gift Card and Check Guarantee.

How Do You Learn to Become an Electronics Payments Consultant?
When you join our team, you’ll first want to study the training manuals. Then when you become familiar with the materials, you’ll call our offices to work with our Business Development Representatives who have years of experience in the electronic payments industry.

During your initial training, you will learn all about the electronic payments industry, marketing your services and how to fill out the applications that you will be taking from businesses.

In a very short period of time, you will gain the confidence you need to take action and start making money. We have designed the training to explain our products, our industry and keys to getting your new business off to a good start. From our manuals, phone training and electronic presentations you will be ready to start signing up merchants!

Just from reading this letter, you may not think you’ll be able to “jump right in” to this business and begin making money. We understand this concern but can assure that the best way to becoming successful in this industry is to get going as soon as possible. We created our training program to accomplish just that.

Compare it to riding a bike. At first you might wobble around a bit. But that’s okay. We’re here to support you through the whole process. You’ll just need to keep on peddling and soon this business will become second nature to you and you will be on your way to developing a successful and profitable business.

Once you’re up and running, we don’t stop there. During your training, if you have any questions or concerns, our staff will always be available to answer your emails or take your phone calls. We are here to help you take your business to whatever level you choose.

Here's an Opportunity to Change Your Life!
For the investment we ask to cover your materials, training and support – we offer the opportunity to change your life.

Bankcard Academy is a very unique company. What we have to offer is a lot more than great products and services with high income potential. We offer something that few companies do. The willingness, motivation and ability to hold your hand throughout the entire process. We know that when you start a business, it can be stressful and challenging. Therefore, we want to make sure that every phase of your start-up is fun and educational, not stressful or with the feeling of being “lost.”

We also help create a marketing plan tailored to your situation. We will assist you in finding your initial direction and putting you on course. One thing that you will find out about our organization is that there is never a lack of assistance. Any time you have a question, simply pick up the telephone and ask, it’s that simple.

Mutual Goals Make it Work!
As the number of bounced checks continues to grow, businesses will search for better ways to handle the NSF problem. Once you get on board with us, you will have the products that will solve the problems of these businesses. We will show you how to solve their problems, get them signed up and get paid very well for doing so.

We offer you both immediate and residual income streams, terrific marketing support, no hard selling and a number of VALUABLE services for you to present to any business or company that accepts payment for goods or services. With our outstanding customer service, customer retention programs and detailed reporting, you can relax knowing that you’ll be able to build your business and financial security with confidence.

With everything we offer… you should compare our investment fee with any other high-income business opportunity. You will see that our program is by far the simplest, most lucrative and most supportive service available. Take advantage of this TEAM and the new banking rules and secure your future now!

Inquire today to take the next step on your road to success. We hope to have you as part of the TEAM soon!

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