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   Minimum Liquid Capital Requirement: $100,000
   Minimum net worth requirement: $250,000
   Investment range: $192,000 to $250,000

15 Top Reasons Why Battery Giant is The Best Choice!

  1. Battery market estimated at $73 billion a year with a 6% average growth rate.
  2. Growing need for Battery Specialists.
  3. Not a flash in the pan business model.
  4. Seven separate sources of revenue.
  5. A great mix of retail / commercial business.
  6. A super-low franchising fee of only $29,900.
  7. Larger geographic area protection.
  8. Prime markets available.
  9. Lower total cost to get the doors open.
  10. Battery Giant sets up your store.
  11. Ongoing training programs (Battery 101 online, classroom and field training.
  12. On-site support.
  13. Widespread product usage among a wide customer base.
  14. Nationally recognized brands.
  15. Limited product spoilage (unlike the food service industry).

Why the Battery Industry

Battery usage is rapidly growing due to technological advances, lifestyle changes and all sorts of devices. Battery Giant is committed and poised to become the largest, most convenient battery retail outlet in the marketplace. Additionally, Battery Giant is a leader in battery recycling.Our comprehensive recycling program drives traffic, increases leads, and sets us apart from the competition.

  • The typical household has over 21 different battery-operated devices.*
  • $275 million laptop computer batteries are sold each year.*
  • Over 100 million mp3 players and iPods are in US circulation with little to no after sale support for replacement batteries.*
  • Over 14 million after-market cell phone and PDA batteries are sold annually.*
  • 29.8 million digital cameras were sold in 2006 and manufacturers continually release products requiring custom batteries.*
  • As baby boomers continue to age, battery operated wheelchairs, personal mobility devices, golf carts and scooters continue to grow annually in excess of 5%.*
  • As the economy grows, so does the need for power sport, automotive replacement and forklift batteries, with no signs of slowing.


    Training - Our concept of fast, friendly competent sales begins with a knowledgeable staff. We'll provide you access to our online training program "Battery 101" to get you started. Upon completion of the on-line program, you will then begin our two week classroom training program whereby the end of training you will have the confidence necessary to begin operations.

  • In Store Training - You'll spend a week in one of our stores fine tuning your retail skills. Through this on-site training, you'll learn day-to-day operations. You'll also receive hands-on experience making commercial sales calls and working repair center operations.

  • Battery Giant Buy Site - We'll provide you access to our online BG Buy Site so you can order the marketing kits and equipment necessary to get your store in operation.

  • Store Set-Up - Once the build-out is complete and all the fixtures and equipment have been ordered, your Battery Giant store designer will schedule the install team. The install team will provide worry free set-up and reduce any issues associated with getting your doors open.

  • On-Site Support - Your Regional Manager will be on-site to assist you once your soft opening has been scheduled. This on-site assistance extends through the soft opening and beyond the Grand Opening. Your Regional Manager will even provide field training.

  • Grand Opening Kit - We have the kit to prepare you when the big day arrives and you're ready to cut the ribbon. Our Grand Opening kit includes the tools necessary to make your grand opening a success.

  • After Your Grand Opening - The support doesn't stop once your doors are open. Battery Giant and our dedicated support staff continually provide comprehensive tools that allow you to focus on your customers and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Ongoing Marketing Support - Our marketing department assists in the development of marketing materials. Select from a wide range of pre-developed materials, or request custom artwork... we have the team in place to support your marketing efforts!

  • And so much more...


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Minimum Investment Required: $100,000

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